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Legislative Secretariat: The members of the Council hold regular session once every four months. The Annual Budget of the ADC has to be passed by the majority votes by the Council in session. The other duties of the Council in session are to legislate and enact laws and regulations on such powers as conferred by the Sixth Schedule. Bills on laws and regulations passed by the Council in session are sent to the Governor of the State for his assent or approval.

To run the affairs of the Legislative Secretariat, the Council in session elects a Chairman and Deputy Chairman whose duties are similar to the speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the State Legislature. The Office of the Legislative is looked after by officers and staff headed by the Secretary Legislative.

To be précised this Legislative Secretariat looks after the administrative matters pertaining to the legislative functions of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council.

§   Chairmen since 1952

§   Deputy Chairmen since 1952

§   Acts, Rules, Regulations & Bills




SLNO     NAME                              DESIGNATION

1-    ___________________- Chairman

2-    ___________________ - Deputy Chairman

3-    ___________________________ - Leader of Opposition

4-   MR. A. SHANGPLIANG    -  Secretary

5-   MR. M. KHARKRANG      -  Joint Secretary

6-   MR. B. SOHTUN              -  Deputy Secretary 

7-   MR. R. BAMON               -  Under Secretary

8-   MR. F.MAWLIEH             - Superintendent

9-   MRS. J.SHANPRU            - Superintendent

8-                                           -  Chief Reporter

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