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Executive Committee:  Heading the Executive Wing of the ADC is the Executive Committee whose duties are similar to those of the Cabinet of the State. The head of the Executive Committee, that is, the Chief Executive Member is elected by majority votes by the Council in Session and such election is to be approved by the Governor of the State. The Chief Executive Member then nominates Members of the Executive Committee from amongst the members of the Council. The Executive Committee remains in Office as long as they enjoy the majority support of Members of the Council.

Departments under the Executive Committee, Khasi Hills ADC: To administer the various functions as envisaged under the Sixth Schedule,  the Khasi Hills ADC has created the following Departments:

1  (1) The General Administration Department

1  (2) Law Department

1  (3) The Revenue, Budget and Finance Department

 1 (4) Forest Administration Department

1 (5) The Education Department  

1  (6) Civil Works and Development Department

1  (7)  The Enforcement  Department


 Strength of Staff of the Executive Committee

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