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The Enforcement (Scheme to Protect Tribal land and Interest) Department:   The Enforcement Department has been set up with Central funding through the State Government for protection of tribal land and interest.

POWERS AND FUNCTIONS: The Enforcement Department is empowered by the Executive Committee under the provision of Section 9B, Section 5, 7A and 7B (1) of The UK-JHD (Trading by non-tribals) Regulation, 1954.as amended upto date as amended and such other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Committee from time to time.

Superintendent: Shri. P.Sohphoh

Strength of Enforcement Deptt:

1. Superintendent (1)

2. Asst. Superintendent (3)

3. Enforcement Inspectors (9)

4. Enforcement Sub Inspectors (17)

5. Enforcement Asst. Sub Inspectors (2)

6. Enforcement Head Constables (2)

7. Enforcement Constables (50)

8. Casual Constable (12)


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