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Civil Works and Development Department: Under Plan Schemes, the Autonomous District Councils are in receipt of funds through State Government for implementation of developmental scheme such as village roads, footpath, footbridges, renovation, or construction of playgrounds etc. As no supervision charge is provided by the State Government, the Council has to create its own Civil Works infrastructure for implementing these Plan Schemes with expenditure from its meagre fund.

 1. Construction of Office Building/Furniture/Electrification/Members of the District Council Hostel, etc.

2. Financing own Plan Scheme.

3. Award of the 11th and 12th Finance Commission for Upgradation of Standard of Administration.

4. Rural Communication.

5. Construction of Redevelopment of rural market under NLCPR Scheme.


Under Article 275 of the Constitution of India, funds allocated from the plan scheme for the construction of office building to improve and strengthen the working condition through construction of office building with staff quarter in strategic points in the tribal area to facilitate better functioning of forest, taxation, etc, under the administration of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council.

            The proposed projects received technical and financial sanction from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs Government of India and funds released to the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council through the State Government.

            The department undertakes and construct the office building under the technical supervision of the Engineer (Civil) deputed from the State Government, the Councilís own Executive Engineer, Project Engineer, Asst. Engineers and the Overseers. The works constructed by the contractor allotted and approved by the Executive Committee, Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council for the different projects by way of NIT.

The projects completed by the department so far are:

  1. Construction of New Expansion Block of the office building at Garikhana, Shillong.
  2. Construction of the MDC Hostel building of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council at Garikhana, Shillong.
  3. Construction of Nongstoin branch office cum quarter.
  4. Construction of Aradonga Beat Office cum quarter.
  5. Construction of Jorabad Beat cum quarter.
  6. Construction of District Council Court office at Garikhana, Shillong.

The ongoing projects are:

  1. Construction of Nongpoh Branch Office, Nongpoh.

Inaugurated Projects:

  1. Construction of Byrnihat Market Complex.
  2. Construction of Laitlyngkot Market Complex.

Strength of Civil Works and Development Deptt:

1. Executive Engineer (1)

2. Project Engineer (1)

3. Assistant Engineer (2)

4. Overseer Gr.I (6)

5.Overseer Gr.II (4)

6. Overseer Gr.III (8)

7.  Tracer (3)

8. Muharir (15)


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